Maria Haydn

Hi, I am Maria!

When spicy-sweet scents of baking waft through the kitchen, they awaken an unmistakable sense of well-being in us. Feelings of comfort and coziness as well as anticipation are stirred and, spontaneously, allow us to relax somewhat. Then, when unique flavors such as cinnamon and vanilla, chocolate, or honey spoil our palates while tasting, feelings of happiness spread, and we are certain once again: such pleasures can make us so happy!

The love of pleasure and delight that it creates in others has moved me to make my passion into a career.

Early on, my interest in foreign countries and cultures led me around the globe. After I had traveled the world for 16 years and looked over the shoulders and into the pots of the most resourceful and creative chefs, I decided to live my personal dream in Vienna: As a pastry chef, I committed to the creation of fascinating and unique recipes, inspired by countless forays into international food and spice markets from Cairo to Hong Kong.

My finest patisserie carries my own personal signature.

The distinctive variety of finest aromas, the highest quality standards of the processed raw materials, and the attention to detail make my sweet creations outstanding, fascinating delights.

Maria Haydn - Pastry Chef